Humanization of humans while they exist

The human being is an imperfectly perfect machine. Imperfectly perfect for the things it has already achieved and the impact it has already made on this planet. The human being has so much power in his hands that I question to what extent that power consumes them. It consumes them to the point of not knowing the limits of when to stop. Selfishness. It is selfish to think about yourself and to experiment without thinking about tomorrow. They live in the moment that is not wrong at all. The human being is basically a painted picture, full of errors, flaws that are impossible to fill. There is a very small group of humans, a species of endangered humans who remain imperfectly perfect. They are those humans who still care about the neighbour next door, who do a good deed just because they feel good and not because they have any interest, a human being who cries, a human being who feels, a human being who takes mistakes what you do and try to improve, try to teach and pass on the message of this error.

I have been told that the best way is to learn from our own mistakes, but it is always good when someone gives us small weapons for the great battle of life. In other words, in my opinion, the human being is also a messenger, saying or making known those who are going to do a similar journey, or else the route of life that everyone has to do, that everyone starts the same way. way – born, live and die. That is right. When it happens and how it happens, it varies a lot. The human being was made to leave marks, leave testimonies, experiences, learnings and sometimes this is not used in the best way, or it is not interpreted in the best way and more and more this group that I call human beings in extinction is getting smaller and smaller.

Life is more than our own navel, life is more than showing the possessions, the material goods that a person has, life is more than food, sex, leisure, life is more than that. The life is good. Life can be good and it has to be.

Nothing gives us certainty if there is anything after that. But even so, everyone or most live as if they were going to have a second chance. We were born, we prepared for the next long years that await us, whether for work, relationships, dedication to the family where everything will be put to the test through discussions, lack of patience and lack of communication.

Again, it is not wrong to live day to day as it is not wrong to wait for tomorrow, but the question is, will there be tomorrow? And what do you think about life tests, about diseases that give you an expiration date, each person’s own limit? Is it better to plan something small in the short term or dream something big? This is a mystery that no one will be able to decipher. Each must speak for himself because each is unique. Therefore, humanization of humans, should be a category that should be addressed much more. We are forgetting who we are, what we achieved until we got here, speaking individually. We are often admired by others, but we don’t even value ourselves and maybe that person just asked a lot to be like us or to have a little of what we have. IT’S VERY CONFUSED, I know.

It requires so much strength and energy to be unique, to have the will and dedication to be in this small group of endangered humans.

I sometimes look at the world and I get tired of absurdities, stupid things that happen. But who am I to be talking about it. Inside there are veins, warm blood, where others’ mistakes run, when, in fact, we have the power to change, but the brain has the capacity to sigh things like that – “You can go to fight, you can even go alone , but you’ll be KO in an instant ”. Treacherous brain.

It only remains to drown these thoughts with other types of thoughts. Wise philosophy, positivity attracts positivity and vice versa. Constant struggle – Brain vs Heart.

When the heart knows how much you will cry, how much you will feel loneliness, you will doubt yourself, your principles and your purposes.

Questions and more questions.

There is a certainty in all this, no one is greater or superior than anyone. I’ve already felt demoted, I’ve demoted and none of the options are good to feel. There is no money, material goods that define the status of superiority.

I live in the present, but I worry a lot about the future, because there is no worse feeling than remorse. One thing is a broken heart, any disappointment, which then comes with the typical phrase “time heals everything”, but the remorse of thinking about when we reach the end of the line and looking back and dying dissatisfied. A human being is much more than that, a human being can do more than that, each in his own way.

The human being, those who do not belong to the endangered group of humans, is not looking at ways to achieve ends.

There are lives taken in wars without mercy and without justice, family killing family, the competition that exists in the world of work, the pressure that there is for a person to stand out from others that only then will shine telling you that you have to be special, you have to be unique, but nevertheless, you will only stand out for mistakes or when observed by those who envy you.

There is something more in this future that is waiting for me. I don’t know what, but there is something, far ahead that I will have to face (or I am already facing) and I know that there will be my purpose, it will be there that I will leave a message and a footprint.

I came to this world, where there is only one self, even if there is someone physically similar, there is only one self with my thoughts, with my heart and the combination of it all. Only I have lived (alive) my battles and my experiences and I am learning how to live and that the moment will come when I have to leave the message and pass my weapons on to other warriors.

Sometimes it costs, but it is necessary to remember the mistakes to fulfill the function of human messenger to get the message across. Nobody should keep an experience for themselves, in fact nobody should keep anything for themselves because we are messengers and passengers of life.

Each human being is so unique, similar, yet so unique. This moment is mine, but tomorrow has to be many. That is how the law of life has to be. That’s what we have DNA for. The message that was transmitted to us and that remains to transmit, understanding this scientifically and philosophically.

Yes, all is not lost, there is an endangered species. The human who forgives, the human who does not kill, who does not judge, helps without interest and has a greater purpose in the world than his navel or basic needs.

Yesterday’s mistake, today’s lesson and tomorrow’s success.

To err in our DNA, to learn from these mistakes, is in our brain, to repeat them is in our hands.

I agree, this text is confusing, but it is also for me to tell myself that time is running out, life is short and that I am not learning from my mistakes.

I am far from being an endangered human, but I work to be part of that group.

They are just sharing my thoughts. Let’s give an opinion on this.

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